Who are you, and what do you like to learn about? (academically, professionally, and/or personally)

Hi, my name is Maimoona and I am a graduate student in the instructional Design and Technology at GMU. I was working to support teachers integrate technology in teaching and learning. So, I have the passion for learning about the alternative instructional strategies to deliver professional development for teachers. Also, I would like to learn more about learning theories and situated learning.

What hardware do you use to learn? (Eg. smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop)

I am using smart phone, tablet and laptop. I am using the tablet for browsing and reading articles. I used the laptop for writing my assignments.

What software do you use to learn? (Eg. search engines, mobile apps, social networks, eBooks, digital libraries, wikis, blogs, videos, podcasts)

I am using several software. I am using Google, several mobile apps, and social networks ( Twitter, Facebook, Youtub and wiki. Also, I am using GMU digital Library. I am visiting regularly Linda .com, and Couresra.

What digital tools do you wish you had access to for learning? (Eg. any graphic organizers, mind-mapping tools, resource management tools, progress tracking tools, design tools, etc.) Why?

I wish I had access for learning through social networks and Learning Mangement System where I can view and track my learning progress.

What might your ideal Personal Learning Environment (PLE) look like?

My ideal Personal Learning Environment would be well- organised, consistent in colours, interactive, and easy navigation.

Maimoona Al Abri EDIT 730

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