Who are you, and what do you like to learn about? (academically, professionally, and/or personally)

I am a full time student at wheelock college. I transfered to Wheelock from UMB. I have a part time job at a retail store. I like to learn about the current events of what is happening around the world in details that the mass media itself may not always present. My career choice is to be an early childhood teacher. I am majoring in early childhood education and counselling psychology. I believe all good values are learned when we are young and carried on throughout our lifetime. I like to learn about age appropriate ways to teach young children. If something interests me I do not limit myself to learning new things.

What hardware do you use to learn? (Eg. smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop)

Smart phone

What software do you use to learn? (Eg. search engines, mobile apps, social networks, eBooks, digital libraries, wikis, blogs, videos, podcasts)

Microsoft office

What digital tools do you wish you had access to for learning? (Eg. any graphic organizers, mind-mapping tools, resource management tools, progress tracking tools, design tools, etc.) Why?

I’m usually using my smart phone or laptop to learn from or keep track of important events. I do not think about other technology because I’m also not fully immersed in the technological world to the extent of digital tools.

What might your ideal Personal Learning Environment (PLE) look like?

It would be organized. I would have easy acess to what I need to help me learn. I would also have music playing in the background sometimes.

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