Who are you, and what do you like to learn about? (academically, professionally, and/or personally)

I am a Junior studying Early Childhood Education and Developmental Psych. Outside of this, I really enjoy learning about deaf studies, and performing arts

What hardware do you use to learn? (Eg. smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop)

I use my laptop as my primary mode of learning.

What software do you use to learn? (Eg. search engines, mobile apps, social networks, eBooks, digital libraries, wikis, blogs, videos, podcasts)

I use google, wheelock college library databases, and social networks like facebook and twitter (the articles people post).

What digital tools do you wish you had access to for learning? (Eg. any graphic organizers, mind-mapping tools, resource management tools, progress tracking tools, design tools, etc.) Why?

I wish that I had access to mind-mapping tools. For, this would allow me to organize my thoughts academically as well as personally.

What might your ideal Personal Learning Environment (PLE) look like?

My ideal PLE would be clear, and include a great use of visuals. I also learn more effectively when I am physically engaged in learning a new concept. So, it would be helpful to have more hands-on, interactive learning in my life.


Jenna O’Leary
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