Who are you, and what do you like to learn about? (academically, professionally, and/or personally)

I am a senior studying Early Childhood Education and Developmental Psychology with a minor in Autism. I enjoy learning about education, psychology, and alternative therapies.

What hardware do you use to learn? (Eg. smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop)


What software do you use to learn? (Eg. search engines, mobile apps, social networks, eBooks, digital libraries, wikis, blogs, videos, podcasts)

Google, books, academic websites

What digital tools do you wish you had access to for learning? (Eg. any graphic organizers, mind-mapping tools, resource management tools, progress tracking tools, design tools, etc.) Why?

I work well on paper so digital tools I find distracting.

What might your ideal Personal Learning Environment (PLE) look like?

My laptop, books, notebooks, and my planner.

Stephanie Hom
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