Who are you, and what do you like to learn about? (academically, professionally, and/or personally)

I am a senior elementary education student who is also majoring in human development and psychology. My primary educational interest is in reading development.

What hardware do you use to learn? (Eg. smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop)

I use my smartphone, tablet, and laptop frequently.

What software do you use to learn? (Eg. search engines, mobile apps, social networks, eBooks, digital libraries, wikis, blogs, videos, podcasts)

Google, Wheelock’s e-Brary sources, Twitter

What digital tools do you wish you had access to for learning? (Eg. any graphic organizers, mind-mapping tools, resource management tools, progress tracking tools, design tools, etc.) Why?

Easier access to voice tying to take notes with

What might your ideal Personal Learning Environment (PLE) look like?

Solitary, a computer that can only access educational resources, music

Alison Buthlay
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